Wedge Slipper Evening

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SKU: 4301-16 -GLD-5


Twilight Mosaic Wedge Slippers

Product Description:
Step into the realm of comfort without compromising on sparkle with our Twilight Mosaic Wedge Slippers. Tailored for the fashion-conscious yet comfort-seeking woman, these evening shoes are the perfect blend of splendor and ease.

Bedecked with a captivating array of smooth stones in a mixed palette of light and dark, these slippers catch the light beautifully, mimicking the starry twilight sky. The luxurious wedge heel offers a comfortable lift, while the open-toe design is both chic and practical for warmer evenings.

Key Features:
Stone Embellishments: Each slipper is adorned with an elegant mosaic of smooth stones, delivering a glamorous finish.
Wedge Comfort: The wedge design provides the perfect height for ease and stability, suitable for all-day wear.
Luxury with Openness: The open-toe feature combines breezy comfort with an opulent look.
Style Tips:
The shimmering champagne or radiant gold slippers can be paired with flowing maxi dresses for sunset beach weddings or with sleek evening attire for a night of fine dining under the stars.

Material: Premium Fabric with Smooth Stone Embellishments
Colors: Shimmering Champagne, Radiant Gold
Style: Women's Wedge Slippers with Embellishments
Available Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Care Instructions: Lightly clean with a soft, damp cloth to maintain the sheen. Avoid harsh rubbing to protect the stone inlays.

Embrace the enchantment of twilight with each step in our Twilight Mosaic Wedge Slippers. Designed for those who desire to dazzle throughout the day and into the night, these slippers are the epitome of sophisticated comfort. Choose your hue and size, and prepare to shine with understated elegance.


Colour Gold, Champagne
Shoes Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10